Casper Skulls' Melanie St-Pierre Shares Debut Song as l'loop

"Valleys" also comes with a music video
Casper Skulls' Melanie St-Pierre Shares Debut Song as l'loop
Ahead of Casper Skulls' forthcoming sophomore album, lead singer Melanie St-Pierre has unveiled her new solo recording project under the name l'loop. Today, she has shared "Valleys," her first release under the moniker, along with an accompanying music video.

"I started l'loop in the spring of 2019 while I was writing the rest of the new Casper Skulls record," says St-Pierre. "I wanted to get more familiar with recording myself and exploring my love for ambient. While Casper may be bold, l'loop is tender and lo-fi. Exploring these two aspects is very exciting and keeping creative is so therapeutic to me."

The project arrives with debut single "Valleys," which features raw, looping instrumentation that meditatively builds into a haunting, folksy atmosphere. Largely driven by St-Pierre's ethereal vocal delivery and noodling guitar, the song also includes drums by Casper Skulls bassist Fraser McClean.

On the new tune, St-Pierre says, "The song 'Valleys' is about finding yourself as you age and transition through life. There are periods where you are at your worst and best but both are so important. We all have our peaks and valleys, they don't define us but they make us better people."

The song comes with an accompanying video by Rivka Ravede of Spirit of the Beehive, pairing "Valleys" with spare, hand-drawn animation with plenty of naturalistic imagery to fit the song's ambient folk sound. You can watch it below.