Caspa Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening!

Where artists like Benga or Skream represent the dub-step nerd genre painstakingly bent over their keyboards uniting dub, grime and techno, Caspa is the dub-step jock appealing to people who most likely never heard a proper dub bass line or conscientious MC. The South London-based DJ is making waves in the club world, and if "The Takeover" is any sign of his empire-expanding intentions, "name a city, name a club" and they are "taking them all." Caspa makes like all you need is a wobbly bass line, a cute-sounding girl on a phone message and some cheesy sax ("Victoria's Secret") to get a hot beat happening. Critics of Caspa call him a wobble yob for his transparent and sensational use of the heavy bass sound. This is evident on Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening! The way he suddenly cuts the audio speed in half towards the end of "The Takeover" demonstrates the way Caspa might play live: flip a switch to make a quick, massive change to the tune ― perhaps walking away to snog a girl or snort a line. If the name Caspa really is a reference to the character in the movie Kids, I think Caspa needs to wake up from this macho and formulaic nightmare and take some lessons from the masters. (Fabric)