Carry On A Life Less Plagued

So, punk, you think all the really good, really fast hardcore comes from the East Coast? Think those pop-punk pussies on the left coast don't know how to throw it down? Obviously you haven't been introduced to either of these bands. Hawaiian transplants Breathe In have obviously spent a lot of time hanging out in their new Bay Area home with the likes of Good Riddance, Nerve Agents and AFI. Being exposed to those bands must have influenced their use of melody and different tempos, but they add to that the elements of old SoCal hardcore, à la Black Flag and the Germs, and the new school hardcore of Drowningman and screamo bands like Grade. Carry On's debut full-length carries all the hallmarks of a band that has spent a great deal of time touring the East Coast and being influenced by Beantown bands like Reach the Sky and Big Apple brawlers like Sick of It All. Their music is incredibly fast, positive hardcore - the kind we need more of. Oh and did I mention fast? Twelve tracks in just under 19 minutes, need I say more? (Bridge Nine)