The Carrier Blind to What is Right

Very rarely does a melodic hardcore act successfully blend emotional melody with hardcore toughness, often succumbing to awkward transitions between heavy riffs and forced melodic interludes. The Carrier distinguish themselves from the oversaturated and often uninspired genre by staying true to their roots and experimenting with their innovative ingenuity. Hailing from the hardcore stronghold of Boston, MA, the Carrier don't make any effort to hide their brutish background, but embrace it as they fluidly and cohesively infuse ferocious heaviness with dissonance and passion-driven melody. "Hollow Pain" stands out as the quintessential track, which most effectively displays the Carrier's craft of skillfully intertwining melancholic melody with remorseless hardcore riffs. "A Stranger to Myself" and "Into Darkness" present the band's developing innovation, slowing down the tempo and creatively painting a passionately introspective atmosphere of darkness and frustration. The Carrier offer the underground a genuine, refreshing breath of innovative melodic hardcore. Only two albums in, the Carrier show great potential, further perfecting their style while continuing to challenge and push with emerging innovation. (Deathwish Inc.)