Cargoe Live in Memphis!

Like Big Star, Cargoe were one of the first rock bands to be signed to the Stax Records’ distributed Ardent label. Originally from Oklahoma, the band transplanted itself to Memphis and even had a medium-sized radio hit with the single "Feel Alright.” But while their label-mates (Big Star) were heavily indebted to the British invasion sounds of bands such as the Kinks and the Beatles, Cargoe were much more American sounding. There is a definitely Southern, bluesy element in the band’s music, owning to early Allman Brothers as much as they did to the power pop they are often aligned with. Live in Memphis! is a great historical document of the band. It captures the band performing live on air for a local Memphis radio station in 1972, running through most of the repertoire from their debut album. With all four members of the band are strong musicians and great harmony singers, the thirteen tracks offered up here serve as a great introduction, even if you have never heard the band previous to this. Fans of the West coast psychedelic sound should also check this out, for at times one can’t help but of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in their prime — although admittedly this isn’t as good. (Lucky Seven)