Carcass "Captive Bolt Pistol" (video)

Carcass 'Captive Bolt Pistol' (video)
A couple months on from the unveiling of Carcass' crushing "Captive Bolt Pistol" single, the reunited death metal greats have now fit the track with an ooze-and-uzi-loaded new video clip.

The video blends together images of surgical scissors, semi-automatic weapons, and shots of the quartet banging their way through the high-speed piece. Socially conscious lyrics are also screened in the video, meaning you can read along to Jeff Walker's choked out descriptions of "deadly death-strike" detonations.

You can check out the video for the destructively blasted new tune down below.

"Captive Bolt Pistol" is the lead-off single from Carcass's upcoming Surgical Steel LP, their first in 18 years. It arrives September 17 in North America via Nuclear Blast.