Capone Pain, Time & Glory

Capone is finally able to represent his legacy and shine on his own with Pain, Time & Glory. He’s had the respect from the streets and industry for representing the legendary Queensbridge projects, defending New York, and being instrumental in the ’90s East Coast street rap movement. However, since his original group Capone-N-Noreaga began falling off a few years ago, Capone’s debut album is respectable but too little too late. Pain, Time & Glory covers those three elements that make up Capone’s life with passion and detail. There are some official chilling street tales that shine on this album though. "Nowhere to Run” featuring Scarface is an East meets South, dark effective collaboration. "Miss My Dogs” is a heartfelt dedication with a sharp bounce that pushes Capone’s memorial to his fallen loved ones to a new banging level. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” has a dark electro pulse that allows Capone and Raekwon to get extra intricate with their street gambino tales. Capone sounds as good as he ever has on "Streets Favorite” over a bumping bass line and an Irie child’s vocal sample, and forces the question "Where was N.O.R.E. on this one?” At 20 tracks, minus his partner Noreaga and his charisma and inventiveness, the album becomes one-dimensional but worthy of a solid salute. (Koch)