Cannibal Corpse

Evisceration Plague

BY Max DeneauPublished Feb 9, 2009

While 2006's Kill was nothing to scoff at, Evisceration Plague sees the notorious Buffalo veterans re-establishing the potency of their brand for the first time since Gore Obsessed, and possibly since the departure of original vocalist Chris Barnes. Severe in a way that their material hasn't been in a long time, the album maintains the more technical style they've become known for over the last few years and seemingly dips into their back catalogue for a handful of chunkier, groove-based sections that wouldn't have been out of place on Tomb of the Mutilated or The Bleeding. Nonetheless, Evisceration Plague more often settles on the shreddier, fast-paced approach they've been honing to perfection since Vile, and hone it they have. Hate Eternal front-man Erik Rutan's crisp, punishing production places drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz front and centre, reinforcing how integral his tastefully sloppy style is to their signature sound. The riffs lacerate the listener, as usual, with some of the most memorable and competent playing in the field. Without changing the fundamental elements that made them great, Corpse have rejuvenated themselves and emerged from the deathcore trend stronger than ever and un-phased. Eleven albums in and still on an upward curve? They out to offer 'em a medal.
(Metal Blade)

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