Campaign It Likes To Party

With two vocalists fighting for shouting-punk-dude supremacy, this EP is one high-energy affair for its brief (12 minutes!) running time. Wearing the influence of Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music proudly on the sleeves of their matching jean jackets, Campaign hit some high notes within these five songs: the finale of "Wormwood" is an anthemic rallying cry that practically begs to be shouted out by at least 20 sweaty dudes at a time, while the staccato verses of "Blue Pills and Whiskey" help break up the full-throttle choruses. There are a few spots where it sounds like neither guy singing knows exactly where to take the melody, especially in the verses, but overall, It Likes To Party is a promising collection of solid punk jams that proves Campaign know where they want to be. Plus, it's a free download. Get into it. (Independent)