Camera Obscura Leave Merge, Sign With 4AD

Camera Obscura Leave Merge, Sign With 4AD
While most indie-hearted bands could spend an entire career and then some trying to get on a label as esteemed as Merge Records, Camera Obscura are leaving the North Carolina imprint for an even more highly regarded label: Britain's long-running 4AD.

Via a MySpace blog post, the twee-loving Scots announced their label shift Wednesday (January 21), giving no exact reason why the band are moving on but ensuring us there is by no means any bad blood between them and Merge.

"We would like to share with you that we are now signed to somewhat smashing record label 4AD," the post penned by the band's Carey Lander reads. "We are understandably excited about this but will endeavor not to reflect this in our facial expressions so as not to cause unnecessary alarm."

Camera Obscura are reportedly aiming for a 2009 release to follow up 2006's much-loved Let's Get Out of This Country, but the details have yet to be spilled.

Camera Obscura "If Looks Could Kill"