​Calvin Harris Once Got Flipped Over in a Festival Porta Potty

​Calvin Harris Once Got Flipped Over in a Festival Porta Potty
The tracklisting for Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 proves that Calvin Harris has an impressive roster of famous friends and collaborators, but Jon McClure of UK outfit Reverend and the Makers doesn't count himself among them. In fact, in a recent interview, McClure admitted that he actually had a hand in flipping over a porta potty while Harris was inside.
As McClure tells it, he and Harris (before the producer "morphed into a cheesy David Guetta-esque wanker") were both at the UK's Bingley Festival in 2009 and a bit of a beef began to stew between them. After eyeing each other backstage, McClure got a few security guards on his team, riling them up and getting them to agree that, "Yeah, he's a right wanker."
Apparently his influence led to a rather disgusting prank soon after he left.

"He's gone for a shit in this portaloo and I've left — it had nothing to do with me, on my mother's life — and the same security guards, while he was having a tom tit in the portaloo, tipped him upside down," McClure revealed to This Feeling TV.
He added, "It were like Dave Benson Phillips with shit. It were awful."
Watch the full interview clip in the player below, starting at the 10:20 mark.