Caliban The Opposite From Within

After what is considered to be a relatively long career on the metalcore scene, Caliban have yet to fall behind the pack, although these days they’re joining instead of leading. Each album, markedly different from the last, sees the band progressing into a crisper, cleaner version of their own sound. Highlighting the intensity of their thrash vibe, the introduction is scrawny until evocative Killswitch Engage riffs that harness the speed of their previous efforts and usurp the weak, questioning cries. The vocals, when screamed, are more noticeably dynamic, well enunciated and when combined with a German accent, transmit a harsh edge that the language is infamous for. The songs are generally at a slower pace when accounting for the increased number of melodic parts. No need to worry though, because it sounds like they didn’t leave any of their drum triggers at home. They’re still using heavy and wicked guitar work, still keeping melodic Euro lines along the lines of Arch Enemy at the heart of the crushing deathcore beats. Unfortunately, by the end it’s as if the past 48 minutes were moments spent watching Much Loud. Screamed verses and sung choruses are the perfect hook. They’ve joined the army. America, here they come! (Abacus)