Cadillac Blindside These Liquid Lungs

Being from the same wintry burg as such melodic punk pioneers as Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum and newer bands like Dillinger Four has obviously taken its toll on Minneapolis's Cadillac Blindside. They are a rarity among the new school pop punk bands, in that they can write some pretty blustery and blistering punk anthems and then turn around and drop the tempo and up the melody for something nearing a power ballad. Sure, other bands do similar things, but unlike the mass marketed likes of New Found Glory, this quartet comes by it all naturally. You know they are honest in whatever they do because their record company isn't expecting a massive radio hit, but the ironic thing is that there are a couple of songs on These Liquid Lungs that could be huge. (Fueled by Ramen)