c.Kostra Parallel Partyverse

c.Kostra Parallel Partyverse
c.Kostra is Ryan Olcott, a Minneapolis-area musician, composer and producer who has had a hand in the music scene for decades as a founding member of 12 Rods, Mystery Palace, Krex Pon and even Pytch Records.
c.Kostra's EP, Parallel Partyverse, is a remarkably bright, lo-fi, funk-infused album that slips in and out of the dance floor. The six-track release clocks in at just under 20 minutes, but packs enough groove to feel satisfying while itching for a followup.
Opener "Holiday Music Stream" takes the funky push of the '70s — thick rips of walking bass, tinny brass twinned with high hits of synth and splashes of cymbal — and lightly wraps it in psychedelic electronic and distinctive vocoder chops.
It's this hazy, aged production on Parallel Partyverse that gives it its appeal, skilfully blending the old with the new and serving up a bit of nostalgia. (Pytch)