C-Murder The Truest $#[email protected] I Ever Said

It's the illest and possibly embellished $#[email protected] Corey Miller ever said that helped put him an orange jump suit on a murder rap. He spends this album convincing listeners that although — in his words — he didn't do it, he could have. On the gloomy, synth-soaked "Stressin," he details his criminal-minded behaviour in that Down South, as sticky as molasses, country drawl. Akon produces "Won't Let Me Down," which echoes forced introspection. On it, C-Murder's grim descriptions of the inhumane conditions of the penal system are made all the more persuasive with the repetitive use of jail bars slamming shut. But where being behind bars could've made C-Murder repentant, it’s evident by this outing that he isn't about to renounce the criminal life. Incarceration has given him focus and the album — brash, derivative and unapologetic — seems to fuel the prosecution's contention that anyone who's in jail bragging about how thug he is belongs there. (Koch)