Butta Babees "Get Down Like That"/"In Da Game"/"Man 'n Motion"

This Montreal crew's full-length is almost here, and this twelve-inch single is setting things up quite nicely. "Get Down Like That" features Manchilde going all out on the mic, mixing clever metaphors with thought provoking nuggets over a beat from producer Ray Ray, which is obviously cast from a DJ Premier mould, but that doesn't distract from its potency. The bouncy track of "In Da Game," provided by the group's other MC, Ziploks, details an undying dedication to hip-hop and just gets better as it progresses. The final track, "Man 'n Motion," has been around a while, but the interplay between Manchilde and Toronto MC Motion remains fresh, with Motion's rapid-fire rhymes and strong singing voice blending well with Manchilde's assured delivery. (Bandit)