Burnt By The Sun/Luddite Clone Burnt By The Sun/Luddite Clone

New Jersey continues to demonstrate that when it comes to innovative bands that define, defy and destroy musical doctrine, it simply cannot be outdone. Names like Human Remains, Deadguy and the Dillinger Escape Plan have all helped to pioneer extreme music - forming, shaping and steering it towards the limits of human ability - now add two more. Burnt By The Sun is a name destined to be included in the upper-echelon of technical excess, and features drum deity Dave Witte (ex-Human Remains, Discordance Axis) in their ranks. BBTS's three tracks, "When Corporations Rule Your Mom," "Blowjob City" and "There Are Pictures of Men on the Internet," demonstrate an awe-inspiring technical proficiency and brutality that are often desired but seldom co-exist. More akin to Human Remains than Discordance Axis's unorthodox hyper-grind, although more modern sounding, BBTS's contribution is merely a precursor to the impending doom of a new EP and eventual full-length. Luddite Clone follow-up their Arsonist and the Architect full-length with a slight musical shift that is just as insane, technical and dizzying as BBTS's contributions. Luddite Clone's three tracks, "Bohemiath," Lemmings and Leeches" and "Acid Cop," produced by Dillinger's Ben Weinman, demonstrate an evolution away from their earlier death metal base, simply flying by in a blur of runs, fills and chaos, which is somehow just as controlled and buffeting as BBTS's tracks. Luddite's three tracks also come across as catchier than previous fare, easily challenging if not outdoing their peers. If this awe-inspiring EP is any indication, both bands are destined for greatness, sooner rather than later. (Ferret)