Burning Spear Calling Rastafari

Since his first release on Studio One in 1969, Burning Spear has been electrifying and educating reggae audiences and listeners around the globe. Currently completing his 30th anniversary of touring, Winston Rodney and the Burnin’ band have released yet another excellent album, proving himself to be one of reggae’s most consistent and conscious ambassadors — Calling Rastafari is an artful blend of soulful messages, masterful production and Rodney’s unadulterated joy in creative and spiritual expression. It features a mix of old and new members of his band, with some of Jamaica’s bright new talent as well as the seasoned and experienced professionals, giving the music behind Rodney’s familiar voice a new flavour without taking away from the smooth, skilful sound that is beloved by his fans. Thirty-three releases later, Burning Spear does not disappoint on songs like “House of Reggae” with the tightest possible instrumentation, melodic riffs that one finds oneself humming hours later, incredible horns and inspiring lyrics create “harmony in the house of reggae.” The title track is equally strong with those amazing horns that are characteristic of the Burning sound and such a clean drum and bass union that it could be one instrument plus the unifying message that appeals to so many people and excludes no one – preaching “positive action, no disrespect and to remember our planet.” This is a very humble and cheerful album — quite like Winston Rodney himself — that serves to remind listeners that positive advice is likely more constructive and easier to listen to than vehement preaching and “I told you so’s.” (Heartbeat)