Burning Ghats Fool's Gold

Vancouver, BC's Burning Ghats take the DIY philosophy to a whole new level. One might have wondered, after their 2009 demo, whether the band were spending more time on their incredible cover art and bolstering their online presence and not enough time on properly mixing their music, but Fool's Good (which is only available digitally) demonstrates incredible growth. First track "Ceremoniously Fuck You" is basically that: new listeners will get a clear indication of the dirty crust punk/metalcore attitude, but besides the obvious comparisons to Converge, Trap Them and Early Graves, these guys need to tighten up a bit. Their enthusiasm and talent, especially on "Missing Persons," are evident, with the band playing furious old-school punk better than a lot of the young punks on major labels. But the songs meander, sounding like they're cramming too much into their tracks. While Fool's Gold is an incredible improvement, production-wise, we're still waiting to see what the band are going to create next. (Independent)