Burn the Priest Burn the Priest

Originally released in 1999 on indie Legion Records, this debut from the band who went on to change their name to Lamb of God (and subsequently became one of modern metal’s biggest names and brightest hopes), has now been re-released. Listening to these songs now only reinforces how much the band has improved over the years, honing their sound to a more streamlined and thoroughly efficient metal monster. Still, the rawness and youthful energy of this one is awesome (not that their current stuff sounds like a bunch of old men), even if the songs tend to be a bit too monotonous. The only new additions to this reissue are liner notes from producer and Today is the Day guitarist/singer Steve Austin, which makes for a good read, and a live video of one song. If, like me, you’ve worn out their newer discs, go back to this for an ass-kicking most bands couldn’t provide on their debut disc. But newcomers to Lamb of God are advised to start with the band’s latest for a more intelligent and economic metal onslaught. (Epic)