Burlington's Sound of Music Festival Announces Outdoor Concert Series

The "pop-up" style sets will showcase local musicians in the city
Burlington's Sound of Music Festival Announces Outdoor Concert Series
Organizers for Burlington's Sound of Music Festival were forced to cancel their 2020 event due to COVID-19 earlier this year, but they're now looking to give local artists a leg up with new concert series for September and October.

To bring live music back to Burlington, the festival plans to throw a series of "pop-up" style acoustic concerts for local artists around the city.

The series begins with a first performance Friday, September 11 outside Burlington City Hall from noon until 1 p.m. Other spaces currently slated to host shows include Spencer Smith Park, and Burlington and Aldershot GO stations.

"It is important for us to help local artists during this difficult time," festival executive director Myles D. Rusak expressed in a statement. "They've been out of work facing ongoing uncertainty and miss connecting with audiences. More establishments in town are finding safe ways to bring back live music and we'll be doing our part to showcase them as well. It's time the music industry recovers and we bring the Sound of Music back to the streets!"

Organizers note in a press release that a second live series will follow the September and October shows. Learn more about Burlington's Sound of Music Festival with Exclaim!'sĀ Canadian Music Festival Profiles, and find further updates through the festival's official website.