Burial "Loner" (video)

Burial 'Loner' (video)
Much-loved dubstepper Burial released his Kindred EP earlier this week, but in case you haven't picked up the songs digitally or taken a listen to the free preview stream of the three-song release, the musician has now prepped a moody video for "Loner."

Honestly, there's not too much to the video; the entire clip flooded with out-of-focus kaleidoscopic effects that will have you fearing you've developed cataracts. Still, there's something charming about the minimalist montage that pulls you into Burial's hypnotic mélange of oscillating '70s sci-fi synths, pulsing bass tones and washed-out Euroclub vocals.

Check it out below.

Kindred has yet to receive a firm physical release date, but Boomkat is taking pre-orders for the twelve-inch, which the retailer lists as having a March release.

Burial - Loner from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.