Burd Early Mind and Mother

Inevitably drawing comparisons to artists like Will Oldham and Iron and Wine, also-bearded Burd Early specialises in that hushed, sparse music of sunsets on porches during summer. Beauty abounds throughout Mind and Mother, with Burd Early’s grumble lilting into falsetto and back again, along with some haunting background organs and thoughtful strumming. The opener "How Far” churns with mystery and sets the stage for the resident epic here, "Fertilizer Waiting to Happen.” With a steady backbeat, Burd Early strums away while alternately straining his falsetto and ably crooning, but the effect is sincerity rather than amateurism. In fact, sincerity bursts through most songs on this album and tips it above average, since the backing music, although quite lovely and moving, seems to recall the aforementioned artists. It is only the instrumental track, "Gale Regale” where Burd Early strikes an atmospheric chord, as it evokes pastoral landscapes with an echo-y chugging loop of guitars, bass and lo-fi picking. The heart of Mind and Mother is found here, and it is a shame that the inspiration in this one track could not have spilled over to some of the others. (Western Vinyl)