Bunny Brown Tomorrow the World

You can tell from the first notes that Bunny really loves what she is doing; in fact that is what the opening track is all about. As a member of the now-defunct twosome Happy as Hell, she had high profile fans such as Chrissie Hynde and Bootsy Collins. With her new solo album, a high energy protest song can turn into a nice little ballad, then bounce right back without any gracelessness. With "Under Spells” she evokes robotics. Whoever said that machines can’t feel obviously hasn’t been presented with ample proof. The next song after that is accordion- and keyboard-based, and topped with German book titles sung in opera-worthy vocals. But when she is singing in a more conventional way, she sounds like a less damaged Marianne Faithfull. "Devious” sounds like a ’60s girl group, but much more sullen than Phil Spector could have squeezed out of anybody. A couple of the lyrics on this album are stolen, but she is nice enough to litter little requests for forgiveness throughout. Oh, and one last thing, kudos for bringing the Theremin back to rock. (Persist)