Bullion Loop The Loop

Bullion Loop The Loop
At the vanguard of lighter leftfield electronic is Bullion, real name Nathan Jenkins, a producer who puts an unconventional pop twist on his chirpy tunes. His singles over the last couple of years have teased fans, and now the anticipation is over as his debut, Loop The Loop, sees the light of day.
The record is instantly infectious, a surprising fact given the breadth of Bullion's instrumental choices and stylistic range here. "Dip Your Foot" and "Health" find him playfully balancing the morose tone with drum pad flicks and jumpy vocal loops, while "Self Capering" bubbles along to a breezy Afrobeat rhythm. Further into the cosmic orbit is "It's No Spirit," a dizzying intergalactic medley of synths and drums with no shortage of sonic magnificence.
The title track is a standout featuring Sampha that weaves through a melody-fracturing knot of syncopated keys, drawn out over meandering sax and maracas that tumble into the track's closing. A didgeridoo complements the bass line on the more left-field "Palm 2," while "Peep Hole" brings unconventional funky sounds to a drum loop that deliberately leaves us hanging.
Bullion makes the weird wonderful on Loop The Loop, painting streaks of heartbreak and sadness onto a bubbly, almost animated canvas that evokes as much as it mystifies. (DEEK Recordings)