Built to Spill Share Artwork and Release Date for 'Untethered Moon'

Built to Spill Share Artwork and Release Date for 'Untethered Moon'
Earlier this month, a handful of details emerged about Untethered Moon, the forthcoming eighth studio album from Boise, ID indie rock veterans Built to Spill. Today, they've expanded on the info, sharing the album art and release date.

The album's cover, available above, features a pair of house pets shot close up. Its text looks to have been created with a collage method, and the Untethered Moon title is spelled out with images of the cosmos.

We've also learned that the album was produced by the band's Doug Martsch alongside Sam Coomes. In addition to working as a producer, Coomes is also a session musician. He's performed on albums from Sleater-Kinney and Elliott Smith, as well as every Built to Spill album since their seminal Perfect From Now On. Coomes also makes up one half of Quasi. 

Untethered Moon will arrive on April 21. Prior to that, there will be a handful of transparent blue vinyl copies available on Record Store Day (April 18).

For now, though, listen to the new track "Living Zoo" below the tracklist. 

Untethered Moon:

1. All Our Songs
2. Living Zoo
3. On The Way
4. Some Other Song
5. Never Be The Same
6. C.R.E.B.
7. Another Day
8. Horizon To Cliff
9. So
10. When I'm Blind