Buffalo Springfield Tour Gets Postponed

Buffalo Springfield Tour Gets Postponed
After a few select reunion shows, venerable rock legends Buffalo Springfield promised that they were planning a major North American tour that would span over 30 dates this fall. Now, the band's Richie Furay has announced that the tour will be postponed until next year.

Rolling Stone points to a post on Furay's Facebook page, where the frontman wrote the following statement:

For those of you getting excited about the Buffalo Springfield fall tour -- word has just come to me that it has been moved to the first of next year... I'm not going to spend a lot time here with details as you speculate among yourselves -- there's nothing to speculate about, the tour has simply been moved.

Speaking with Rolling Stone backstage at Bonnaroo, Stephen Stills expressed concern about if he'd be physically able to complete a tour that long. "This time I can actually play the guitar," Stills said of his Bonnaroo performance. "But not for long, according to certain physicians."

When asked about the upwards of 30 tour dates, Stills responded, "Thirty-plus? Well, they better have a break. Cause if we have this much trouble with six, I can't imagine 30."

When it does take place, the tour is said to be anchored by shows in Los Angeles and New York. We're hoping they don't forget Canada in between.