Brutality Will Prevail Suspension of Consciousness

Brutality Will Prevail Suspension of Consciousness
Losing a singer is often viewed as a band's beheading, but it's more like losing a leg; it throws them off course but doesn't necessarily put them down for the count. But losing a singer who also owns the band's record label? That should be a fatal blow. Yet Brutality Will Prevail return with Suspension of Consciousness bolstered by new vocalist Louis Gauthier (Breaking Point) and Siege of Amida Records to try and prove that wrong.

Formulaically, nothing has really changed as the band deliver their unique doom-infused hardcore. It's good, but not as good as it should be. Heavy mosh parts have always been essential to the sound, but they seem too much the focus here, at the expense of the surrounding parts. This causes the band to excel more on faster, shorter tunes, such as "Back to the Earth" and "Martyr-Anxiety," on which time constraints force them to be more economical and energy propels them.

Gauthier proves he can provide a performance close to former vocalist Ajay Jones on excellent first single "Abandon." The layered singing/yelling comes close to the unique effect present on former releases. Unfortunately, the band tend to separate the two for much of the album, with the melodic side being noticeably weaker. An exception comes in "Burden of Love," on which the monotone singing transforms into a droning accompanying instrument to the mid-paced riffs.

Most of Suspension of Consciousness isn't bad; it just lacks the urgency of earlier material. Brutality certainly has the potential to once again prevail, but not this time around. (Siege of Amida)