Brutal Youth "Hostile Work Environment" (video)

Brutal Youth 'Hostile Work Environment' (video)
Newfoundland-bred, Toronto-based punks Brutal Youth issued their latest LP Sanguine earlier this year, and "Hostile Work Environment" from the album has just been treated to a brand new video.
"'Hostile Work Environment' is a song about making the wrong choices and still making the best of bad situations," the band's Patty O'Lantern tells Exclaim! "Dragging yourself out of the valleys and up to the peaks no matter how rough a climb you have ahead of you. Making lemonade when life hands you lemons, then spitting in life's face, throwing the lemon rinds at it, and biting its neck to drain its blood as a lemonade chaser."
In the video, that attitude gets embodied by a young Brutal Youth enthusiast, who sports the band's merch as he spray paints their name over an otherwise clean, pristinely white SUV outside a convenience store. Watch the youngster take up his aerosol sword, then celebrate with an ice cream treat in the player below.
Sanguine is out now on Stomp Records.