Brother's Keeper/Disembodied Oxymoron

You'd never think that these straight-edge hardcore dudes would ever exhibit a sense of humour, but Brother's Keeper's half of this spilt displays a lot of cheer. “Namedropper” is a mid-paced rager complete with samples lifted from the huge number of phone messages that various industry heavyweights and no-weights have left for vocalist Mike “The Crow” Ski. The cover of Danzig’s “Twist of Cain” is pretty funny as well, perhaps unintentionally, but the humour makes up for the lack of musical originality. Disembodied's three songs are about as generic as any hardcore band playing metal and languishing in the second or third divisions of extreme music can be. Musically, they ply the tired sound made popular by the likes of Earth Crisis without the complexity. (Trustkill)