Brothers Cosmoline Songs of Work and Freedom

The Brothers Cosmoline's debut, Songs of Work and Freedom, is a smooth mix of toe tappin' country, twanging hurting tunes and a few swinging numbers to liven the spirits. Like a brand new couch, it's comfy, cozy and inviting - homespun without being hackneyed. Folkie without a hint of patchouli or granola, the Brothers awaken the dreams of everyday working people who need relief from the bureaucratic mediocrity. Lyrically, they don't wear their hearts on their sleeves, but musically you can hear the Beatles, Gram Parsons and a long tradition of country. Unlike a lot of their compatriots, the Brothers Cosmoline only have one cover, an original rendition of the Beatles' "No Reply," which evokes the spirit of the song as opposed to simply the letter. The player's pedigree is evident in the effortlessness of the musicianship, simply enjoying the feeling of bringing great lyrics to life. The wonderful embroidery gracing the simple cover merely hints at the elegance within. (Bobby Dazzler)