Broken Social Scene "Sweetest Kill" (video)

Broken Social Scene 'Sweetest Kill' (video)
Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record may have come out last year, but that isn't stopping the Toronto collective from rolling out more videos in support of the record. Today (June 8), we get a clip for the album track "Sweetest Kill," which was directed by Claire Edmonson and stars Bijou Phillips.

However, you can only watch the video on the band's Facebook page, where Pitchfork reports it will be exclusively streaming for the next 24 hours. You also have to "like" the video before you can watch it, which, yes, we know would be strange in real life but is par for the course in the digital realm.

UPDATE: You can also watch the video via YouTube below. But it comes with this warning: "This video contains graphic imagery that may not be suitable for all viewers."