Broadcast Pendulum

Within the first few notes of Pendulum’s lead-off track, it’s quite apparent that Broadcast will be taking a new sonic dance approach with their upcoming full-length. This EP is just a pit-stop to tie fans over until their follow-up to the brilliant The Noise Made By People is brought forth later this year, but is this more erratic sound an indication of what to expect in the near future? The lush vocals courtesy of Trish Keenan are still present, but the majority of the track’s sound has been replaced by a layer of psychedelic experimentation that’s a definite change-of-path from their sleepy melodies. Tracks like "Still Feels Like Tears” reassure us that the band hasn’t completely lost the plot, but wacky freestyle sessions that don’t really amount to anything like "One Hour Empire” and "Violent Playground” are total throwaways. Pendulum shouldn’t be studied too much — it’s just something to let us know the new album is on its way — but let’s hope that Broadcast don’t get quite as adventurous on their sophomore release as they do here. (Warp)