British Sea Power

Do You Like Rock Music?

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Feb 12, 2008

Ever since they first appeared at the start of the decade, British Sea Power were one of the more interesting bands to come with the UK music press stamp of approval. Their debut was an enigmatic triumph, while its follow-up was a mellower, friendlier affair. So it’s only fitting that on their third album they’ve found the perfect balance, creating what could be a very early candidate for the best album of 2008. Apart from a somewhat suspect title, Do You Like Rock Music? barely puts a foot wrong. It has it all — pomp, majesty and an epic quality the band only previously hinted at — but it also doesn’t overwhelm despite possessing a huge sound. There is immediacy to the music but sharing producers with Bark Psychosis, Arcade Fire and Godspeed You! Black Emperor suggests the band were looking for something more complex. It’s only with repeated listens that the full scale of the fascinating lyrics, with their oblique views on the state of the world, and the melodic depths of the songs are revealed. This is an incredibly good album that should cement the band’s place as one of the best the UK currently has to offer.
(Rough Trade)

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