Brigada Flores Magon Brigada Flores Magon

Brigada Flores Magon are easily one of the best punk bands to come out of France since Bérurier Noir, and to take their ideologies one step further by being real life militants for an anarcho-syndicalist union, the Nationalist Confederation of Work. Furthermore, their name stems from a Mexican revolutionary who was kind of the father of American anti-imperialism, and died for it in Leavenworth penitentiary in 1922. With these two pieces of information, it becomes clear that the band’s message is very socio-political in lyrical content and that their music is the tool to spread that message. Neither message nor music fails to disappoint, and even though the gruff vocals are sung in French; the English translations are in the CD booklet. Furthermore, the music is superb melodic street punk flavoured by ska, dub and traditional Spanish and French influences. Even though one may not be fluent in French, it’s hard not to try to sing along to the pounding rhythms on this release while pumping a fist in the air screaming "Viva la revolution!” Until Brigada Flores Magon make it to the shores of Canada to perform, their self-titled debut will have to serve as the North American soundtrack to resistance, especially since resistance never sounded this good! (Insurgence)