Brian Wilson's Lost Rap Song Uncovered!

BY Cam LindsayPublished Dec 3, 2007

In 1989, Brian Wilson recorded an album called Sweet Insanity during a peroid where the Beach Boys star was reportedly "troubled." Rejected by Sire, the album, which also features Weird Al Yankovic and Bob Dylan, has seen life through bootlegs over the years, but now a precious gem called "Smart Girls," featuring a mash-up of Beach Boys classics, has surfaced through Jersey City, NJ-based radio station WFMU. Here's what you need to know:

"'Smart Girls' was produced by Matt Dike, the co-founder of Delicious Vinyl who was also part of the production team behind hits by Tone Loc and Young MC. By varying accounts Dike was at one time a member of the Dust Brothers and responsible for a some of the production on The Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique which was recorded in 1989 (roughly the same time as Wilson's album). You can actually hear some vague links as 'Smart Girls' employs a similar cut-and-paste sample aesthetic (to far worse effect) as bits of past Beach Boy hits are chopped up and sprinkled throughout the song. 'Smart Girls' was supposedly released as a promo to radio stations and Wilson played the song on the air during an interview on Dr. Demento's show in 1992. The LA Weekly dug up this 'Brains and Genius' J-Card at a used record shop which may be the radio promo or something else entirely."

Click here to listen to the track.

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