Brian May's Badger Perfume Will Leave You Smelling Like "the British Countryside"

Proceeds of the "Save Me" scent will benefit May's animal welfare organization
Brian May's Badger Perfume Will Leave You Smelling Like 'the British Countryside'
Queen guitarist Brian May has previously leveraged music and memes in his activism for badgers, and his latest call to stop UK governments from culling creature populations involves smelling like his striped, furry friends.

In collaboration with parfumerie Xerjoff, May has launched scent "Save Me," which takes its name from both the guitarist's animal welfare organization and the May-penned second single from Queen's 1980 album The Game.

In an Instagram post celebrating the perfume's launch, May wrote that the scent will have wearers smelling like "the British countryside," though a sourced schnoz at The Sun points to "surprisingly refreshing" emphasis on "deliberately earthy overtones — a hint of clean badger fur, some sandalwood and something a bit limey."

A listing for "Save Me" on the parfumerie's website advertises notes of jasmine, camomile, sandalwood and musk. A 50ml bottle of perfume can be had for just over $300 CAD, while Queen devotees can also get their mitts on a signed bottle for around $636 CAD.

Those proceeds will benefit the aforementioned Save Me organization, co-founded by May in 2010. In the past, May and his organization have opposed the cull of badgers by UK governments, calling the practice a misguided attempt to limit the spread of bovine tuberculosis.