Brian Byrne Tailor Made

If Bon Jovi had a twin, it would be Brian Byrne. Minus the ’80s hair metal remnants and sticky hairspray love, Tailor Made is what you’d hear coming from a musician who’s been straddling the boundaries of outlaw rock’n’roll and country grit for decades. Maybe it’s because Byrne’s previous stint as the front-man for I Mother Earth didn’t satisfy his urges, or because he grew up in a home filled with electric guitar and pedal steel wars. Either way, Tailor Made satisfies everyone’s musical hankering, whether you’re big into stripped-down ’80s jams or contemporary wheat-and-whiskey tunes. "All I Need Is Love” kicks off the album with wailing instruments and a passion-soaked Byrne, while "Beautiful You” toys around with catchy syncopated beats and tinkering guitar plucks. Tailor Made is definitely a far cry from Byrne’s previous work with I Mother Earth, but it sure does have the same dirty, pedal-to-the-metal feel. Hit the open road, pop in Tailor Made and let your mind wander towards memories of past hardships and future adventures. (Kindling)