Brendan Philip

Cul+ure Power Vol. 0

BY Ebyan AbdigirPublished Oct 19, 2015

Brendan Philip  continues championing the revival of contemporary R&B in Toronto on his new EP, Cul+ure Power Vol. 0, delivering the same charm and inventiveness that earned him buzz when he released his self-titled EP in April. Cul+ure hones the eclectic blend of soul and electronic music Philips has become known for, starting with the warm vocals and jittery snares of "Ghostface." He follows that with dreamy, electronically laced croons in "Via" and a jazzy hypnotic hook and easy to follow rhythmic flow on "Row," before flipping to futuristic house on "Way Down."
On Cul+ure, Philip demonstrates both range and talent, showing deftness on more ambient, subtle tracks and more beat-oriented fare. These thought-provoking contemplations on love, sex and identity represent another step forward for the singer; here's hoping there's plenty more to come.
(Fake Art / Dine Alone)

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