Brazzaville Somnabulista

It's the flavours, the titillating concoctions that make for such pleasant listening. The players must love their bossa, as it serves as the sugar in the icing, the cement in the mortar. As the album progresses, we phase in and out of hazy vibes, jazzy licks and pop tinged varieties with a fluidity that is practically shocking. The bio lists over ten countries of residence (and therefore influence) and a frightening array of bands these professional musicians have played for (Macy Gray, Beck, Ben Lee, Lou Reed, etc.). Let us theorise that while playing for Jann Arden or Natalie Merchant, as the case may be, our Brazzavillian's resolved to not let their talent and creativity go to waste. Enter headman David Brown, round up this cast of seven others and let's go on a three-hour tour. Next year look out for a huge cargo ocean-liner carrying a bunch of musicians, poets and artists as they circumnavigate our globe and perform at selected ports. Sounding like a recipe for disaster? A boatload of arts people 2000 miles from land? Well, if Brazzaville can maintain a weekly spot in the lounge, all should go well. (Independent)