Bravez Team Hyphy All Systems Go

Even a cursory glance at this CD will give you a pretty good idea of exactly what to expect from this debut album. It’s made pretty clear with the group name, Bravez Team Hyphy, and song titles like "Bay Finna Jump,” "B-Ball Stuntin’,” "Dummy Tycoonz,” "Dummy 101” and "Dummy.” Everything you’d expect is there: green lights, yellow buses, ghost riding, stunting and getting dumb, ad nauseam. As the song titles reveal there are a lot of variations on the theme. Rappers KuZn, Blaze Trackz and Jenyus may display varying degrees of skill on the mic, but they come off well despite the cliché material. However, it’s producer Hoodlm (aka Ryan Nebeker) that is the real hero, with his heavy hyphy beats that mix in a little bit of crunk and a whole lot of spacey sound effects. Even slowing it down on "Bay Finna Jump,” he keeps it interesting with his choice of instruments. The other slower jams aren’t as fortunate. "Only One Chance,” one of three produced by Rob "E” Productions, and "Oh Girl” break from the standard subject matter and end up boring, while the played-out "Dummy 101” ends up even worse. But aside form those three tracks, All Systems Go is perfect for wilding out in the club or in the parking lot. It’s green light go. (Stand Up/Green Light)