Brasstronaut Set to Work on 'Mean Sun' Follow-Up

Brasstronaut Set to Work on 'Mean Sun' Follow-Up
Since the release of 2012's Mean Sun, the members of Vancouver's Brasstronaut have been scattered across the continent, with frontman Edo Van Breeman living in New York and drummer Brennan Saul in Winnipeg. Nevertheless, the jazzy six-piece are pressing ahead and are currently at work on their third full-length.

The band are self-producing the record, with drums and bass being recorded at Monarch Studios, the Vancouver facility operated by Zolas member Tom Dobrzanski (Said the Whale, We Are the City). Overdubs have been recorded at various homes and practice spaces, with Van Breeman editing and mixing on his computer.

"We're not taking the same route as we did with Mean Sun where there were a lot of different experimental combinations of sound textures from song to song," Van Breeman tells Exclaim! "Instead we're sticking to the fundamental attributes of our instruments and relying on nuances of expression in recorded performances to create sonic differences between tracks. Things are overall drier and a little more intentional or maybe even obvious. This record isn't about layering so much as it is about trying to write songs with more personality, soul and bite."

This is reportedly a departure from the style of Brasstronaut's past albums, although Van Breeman is currently keeping quiet about what exactly it will sound like. He notes that, rather than writing collaboratively, each member has contributed two or three songs to the pool of material. Since they're working from home, they've been able to refine tracks over periods of weeks and months.

Despite the unique approach, the singer speculates, "I feel like this will be the first album that actually sounds like Brasstronaut."

They've been giving the songs as few extra overdubs as possible and often recording parts in one take in order to give the tracks a spontaneous energy.

Currently, they are working on between 10 and 12 songs, and are planning to unveil some singles and videos in the early summer ahead of a fall full-length release. A prior Facebook update noted that two of the songs are called "Raveshadow" and "Climb."