Brasstronaut "Slow Knots"

Brasstronaut 'Slow Knots'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Given the staggering success of Japandroids last year, and the rising status of their label, Unfamiliar Records, it seems fitting that stakes would be raised for label co-head Edo Van Breeman's long-running soul jazz ensemble Brasstronaut. Their debut full-length, Mt. Chimaera, was recorded, then re-recorded in parts and remixed between the initial sessions at the beginning of 2009 and its March 1 release date, no doubt the result of an expanded recording budget and membership, along with raised expectations from a growing fan base.

"Slow Knots," now streaming over at the sextet's MySpace page, builds on the work of the band's previous Old World Lies EP while taking their sound into haunting new directions. Check out the yelping woops over the track's rollicking bridge.

Listen to Brasstronaut's "Slow Knots" here.