Braids "Plath Heart" (video)

Braids 'Plath Heart' (video)
Montreal-based experimental poppers Braids are on a bit of a roll right now. The group's recently released debut, Native Speaker, is currently garnering a ton of critical acclaim, and with good reason. Playing off the wildly whirling synth swoops and tribal drumming of the group's latest single, "Plath Heart," this new video clip similarly sends you into a psychedelic dream state.

Branches and grass seem to get shoved in and out of rabbit holes, possibly playing up singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston's lilting lyrics about pushing things out the ol' birth canal. The visual metaphor gets a little unsettling though once the bush and bramble are set ablaze. It hurts our crotches just thinking about this comparison. Thankfully, some lava-lamp-style swirls soothingly take over the screen by song's end.

You can check out the clip below.