Bossabucanova Uma Batida Differente

In her book The Economy of Cities, Jane Jacobs argues that one of the tenets of a self-sustaining economy is that new types of work need to be able to grow from old types of work. That means a lot of inefficient trial and error without the guarantee of success, but some ideas work like gangbusters. Music evolution is like that: there’s a lot of trial and error and every once in a while something really great comes along amongst the not-so-good but necessary junk. Bossacucanova is like the new work that works. From the old bossa nova and samba comes their bossamba, drum & bass, and French lounge mix. Guests include Marcos Valle and Adriana Calcanhoto on the laid-back hip-twister that charms with its unassuming presence. "Feitinha Pro Poeta” is innocent and jaunty with Roberto Menscal’s casual scat, which is directly complemented and contrasted by the slightly more serious and seductive d & b nu-jazz of the closer "Onde Anda Meu Amor.” With a gentle yet substantial Brazilian backbone, a lounge-y cadence and an upright lift from drum & bass, Uma Batida Differente simply works. (Six Degrees)