Boris Recruit the Cult's Ian Astbury for New EP?

Boris Recruit the Cult's Ian Astbury for New EP?
Here's a potential WTF collaboration on par with the mythical (and fake) Madonna/Sunn O))) performance: progressive drone metal/psych rock three-piece Boris appear to be working with the Cult's Ian Astbury on a new EP. Or at least that's the online rumour.

Earsplit PR sent out a brief email that simply said "The BXI EP is confirmed. Details to be announced shortly...." Along with the minor announcement is a photograph of the Japanese rockers with a long-haired Caucasian who looks like a dead ringer for the Cult crooner.

Some argue that the mysterious white dude looks a little young to be the 48-year-old Astbury. However, the footage below shows Astbury performing with the Doors in 2003, and he looks an awful lot like the longhair in the photo above.

Hopefully, the Boris camp will make a proper announcement about The BXI EP before these rumours blow way out of proportion. Having said that, Boris are the kind of band who could do almost anything and not surprise us, so we're not doubting the possibility too much.

Catch Boris on tour across Canada, with or without Astbury, this August. All dates are listed here.