Boris Announce New Live DVD

Boris Announce New Live DVD
Japanese experimental rockers Boris may have been around since the early 1990s, but the past year has been one of firsts.

From a split ten-inch with fellow groovers Torche dubbed Chapter Ahead Being Fake to collaborating with the Cult frontman Ian Astbury on the BXI EP, it's been an interesting few months.

Yet still the trio forge on with more fresh fruit for us rotting vegetables, announcing that on January 18, they will issue their first official domestic live DVD.

Released in North America by current home Southern Lord (who gave us their Smile album in 2008), Live In Japan "captures the intriguing power, majesty and unique psychedelia that only Boris can deliver," the label boasts.

Filmed in Tokyo at the final show of the band's 2008 Smile world tour, the DVD will include all 11 songs from the Daikanyama Unit gig, as well as three bonus videos from a set at the Shibuya Club Quattro.

Live In Japan:

1. "Flower Sun Rain"
2. "Buzz-In"
3. "Laser Beam"
4. "Pink"
5. "Statement"
6. "Floor Shaker"
7. "Rainbow"
8. "My Neighbor Satan"
9. "Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki - No One's Grieve"
10. "You Were Holding An Umbrella"
11. "" ""

Bonus tracks from Shibuya Club Quattro:

12. "Tokyo Wonder Land"
13. "A Bao A Qu"
14. "Farewell"