Boris "Hope"/"Riot Sugar" (video)

Boris 'Hope'/'Riot Sugar' (video)
To their fans' delight, Japanese trio Boris have been pumping out new material this year like it's nobody's business. On April 26, they released not one, but two, new albums, which showcased two different sides of the experimental outfit.

Attention Please focused on the band's more melodic and pop tendencies and featured lead guitarist, Waka, on vocals throughout. Then there's Heavy Rocks, which uses the same name as the band's 2002 release, and shows Boris at their heaviest.

Now the band have taken one song from each of the albums and put them together to make one cohesive video. The clip features "Hope" off of Attention Please and "Riot Sugar" off of Heavy Rocks, and you can check out the results below.

Both albums are out now on Sargent House.