Boozoo Bajou Dust My Broom

Boozoo Bajou follow the success of their debut record Sata with Dust My Broom, an evolution of their laidback, blues-tinted sound into a more mature, expanding sound that incorporates more musical variety and sonic-layers. Since the German duo of Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth left their old label for !K7, Boozoo received an open opportunity to create a record that was a clearer reflection of their ever expanding influences. They’ve taken their laidback style and mixed it with reggae, soul, blues, folk, jazz and R&B, all under the umbrella of a chilled out dub vibe. Tempos bounce from the slow-dub styles of "Take it Slow” featuring Joe Dukie and legendary reggae artist U-Brown to the dancehall burner "Killer” featuring Top Cat. Check out the country twang of "Keep Going” featuring Southern legend Tony Joe White, and the bluesy "Way Down” featuring blues singer Ben Weaver. Relying more on vocals from several musical backgrounds, Dust My Broom takes the listener on an excursion across many borders and styles. Boozoo Bajou continue their musical evolution with Dust My Broom by attempting to bridge the gap amongst several cultures as well as creating a connection between the past and present. (!K7)