Boozed One Mile

Judging by their name, you can guess that Boozed are pretty serious about partying, and it's apparent on this record, with its 14 whiskey-drenched tracks of snot nosed blues with a raunchy punk edge. The German quintet bust out a filthy style of rock'n'roll that's indebted to Social Distortion, as well as fellow European diehards Turbonegro and the Hellacopters, while still managing to keep it somewhat fresh. Standout tracks include opener "Save Me," which features some killer guitar chops, and "You Gotta Go Again" can easily be described as a bar fight set to music. The main complication with One Mile is that it possesses some songs that don't need to be on the disc, most notably the ballad, which makes the album drag, and like a bad party guest, overstays its welcome. (Chorus Of One)